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Waterproof IWO15 Blood Pressure Monitor watch

AED 115.00


  • Fitness Goal: This watch’s never-ending workouts help you achieve your fitness goals. There are exercises for every method that you do the exercise. And advanced metrics for every level of sports. Define specific training goals and see full summaries when you’re done, and track how you face over time.
  • Heart rate display: This watch contains apps that monitor your heart. Quickly checks your heart rate and get notifications when it appears to be too high or too low.
  • Durable Battery: The built to last battery makes the smartwatch extremely durable and wearable for a long time. Charging speed and energy efficiency vary from device to device.
  • Fashion design: Stylish and comfortable, light enough to wear comfortably. It has a stylish and versatile design and has a variety of surfaces, straps, and finishes, so it works with anything.


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