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Smart Design Waterproof Pouch Case Bag with strap -white

AED 40.00


  • Reliable protection – it’s certified for underwater use such as swimmers, surfers, scuba divers & more, it’s designed not only to secure your gorgeous mobile but to make sure that your belongings such as money, cards or documents are also safe.
  • Sophisticated transparency – ensure that it won’t block the original colors of your great phone and it’ll graps the unique sleek of shade and it gives your phone camera the full visibility to take super pictures or to record the life-Time video.
  • Ideal fit – the greatest waterproof case has been made to be suitable for all smart phones and any large device.
  • Fantastic response – easy access to all functions and buttons to make sure that you’re snapping the high quality pictures and videos underwater.
  • Various activities – armband & nick strap for multiple use not even to secure your device underwater by holding it with these 2 options but also to use them for more activities and attractions like running, surfing, snorkeling, rafting and much more


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