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Skeido Man Beard Bathroom Apron white colour

AED 60.00


  • It is soft, waterproof and pongee material
  • The practical design keeps the bathroom clean
  • Easy to set up on mirror with suction cups
  • It keeps bathroom hygienic and tidy
  • have fun shaping your beard the way you like it without thinking of cleaning afterwards.
    Just stick our vacuum suction cups on your mirror and watch your hair collect on the beard catcher / apron for easy disposal.
  • It is also machine-Washable.
  • Beard apron has the optimum length (51 x32 in), gives you enough space from the mirror to stand and shave comfortably.
    Suction cups have moving hooks, adjust the cups on the mirror and pull the hooks down to lock and then up to release. It stays solid – no sliding or falling.
  • The neck side has velcro straps that you can adjust to your size. No strings and buttons to break. Just adjust your apron to your neck and you are ready to go.


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