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Showay Foldable Electric Bike

AED 2,500.00


  • Built with high-strength, lightweight.
  • Revolutionise your commuting traffic enjoy ride,
  • Adjustable led deck and rear lights.
  • Whether it is unfolding or folding, it is extremely eager to pursue the mechanical and design beauty of the machine.
  • The frame can be at home, on the bus, and in the company and is designed by the existence of modern sculpture
  • Adjustable soft and hard shock absorbers more comfortable riding experience, more comfort settings adjustment range 400-500 pounds bearing weight150Kg deal with different road conditions in a timely manner to avoid shocks, the corresponding precise and accurate rotary support points, a more solid mechanical structure of the shock absorber.
  • From the past push-Button throttle to a new knob-Style throttle, you can also experience the speed and driving experience of the motorcycle in the electric car. The new and optimized solution will allow the throttle to gently transition to the extreme speed and bring you the best driving experience.
  • ┬áMultiple speed modes to experience riding fun. Showay gives you more riding modes to choose from

Additional information

Weight 2.25 kg
Dimensions 31 × 35.6 × 16.51 cm


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