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RoyalFord 10 Pcs Cookware Set(chm)

AED 170.00


  • SCRATCH RESISTANT, HIGHLY DURABLE COATING – The non-stick coating of the cookware is scratch resistant and tested with abrasive scrubs. The coating makes sure that all your meals stay in perfect shape and do not stick. It allows you to turn, flip and take the food out with ease. Now you can cook your eggs, meat, and bacon with excellence.
  • 2.5MM BODY THICKNESS, TEMPERED GLASS LID – The 2.5mm body thickness makes the tools lightweight and easy to maneuver. The saucepans and casserole come with temperature glass lids. This glass is resistant to breakage, scratch-proof and does not get foggy due to smoke. The steel rim makes sure the lid fits perfectly. It lets you observe your meals as they get cooked, and you know just when they are ready.
  • HIGH-GRADE ALUMINUM, SUITABLE FOR MULTIPLE HOBS – The pans and saucepans are all made from high-grade aluminum. This metal is sturdy and does not have any toxic effects on the food. It is safe to prepare your meals in, and it gives a long-term performance. These work incredibly with hot plate, ceramic, halogen and gas hobs. Choose the one to your convenience.
  • HEAT RESISTANT BAKELITE KNOBS, CD BOTTOM – The handles and knobs are made from a high-quality, heat-resistant polymer. It is resistant to heat, and you can use the knobs to lift the lid or use the handles to move the pans with ease. They protect your hand and allow a comfortable grip. The cookware features a CD bottom to ensure quick and even heat distribution.
  • 10 PIECES, CASSEROLE, SAUCEPANS AND FRYING PANS – The set contains 10 items. Including two different sized saucepans, three frying pans, and a casserole. Their sizes are Casserole With Lid – 24 x 10 cm, Saucepan With Lid – 18 x 9 cm, Frypan With Lid – 26 x 4.8 cm, Saucepan With Lid – 14 x 6.5 cm, Frypan – 20 x 4 cm, and Mini-frypan – 14cm.


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