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Refillable Perfume Spray Bottle 10 pieces

AED 100.00


  • Easy to refill, pouring funnel included.
  • Fashionable metallic colours, Sleek and stylish outer casing.
  • Handy travel size 10ml perfume atomisers.
  • Perfect for the handbag or to organise your different perfumes.
  • This perfume atomizer set is airplane safe and will not leak inside your purse or suitcase. It is travel essential for both men and women, perfect for storing your perfume on travel. Give you a fresh perfume spray when you are on the go all day

    Remover in a smaller container without having to take the whole bottle . Simple to refill in seconds.Lightweight and durable aluminum material makes it Ideal for placing in your handbag or pocket.

    Good perfume bottle suitable for nights out, office or any other occasion where you want to freshen up.


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