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Rasasi Royal Blue Eau De Perfume for Men

AED 100.00


  • Experience the youthful fragrance of the Chasity Perfume by Al Rasasi
  • . It has an enthralling smell that makes you feel confident, courageous and attractive
  • The youthful and fresh scent of this perfume encourages you to walk with confidence and esteem
  • Royale blue pour homme. His quest for a perfect fragrance has now been fulfilled. The fragrance of the royale unimaginable scent with power. Lays the stone paved path to overcome the blues. Now he knows looking at the air around him.
  • The scented grasping tendrils like a feeling, would not leave him through the eaking twisting of a macho man’s life.
  • Reluctant to part, the fresh smell of cavaillon melon, mandarin orange, cucumber mellowed by the scent of geranium, basil, sage absolute.
  • The aroma of delicate musky sensual woods that persists it embraced him all the time.
  • The good feeling the presence of the real essence of the life. Through the life’s tapestry, the royale blue gives him the power to be the ultimate man. 75Ml


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