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Foot Massage Slippers

AED 45.00


  •  It  helps After a patient with severe kidney disease, the urine may turn black or red within a certain period of time. Continue to massage, it will naturally return to normal.
  • With back pain will feel more pain in their back after massage. But after 1 day. The pain is greatly reduced. This is the reaction that occurs when the blood flow is accelerated after Dredge blood vessels is cleared.
  • After varicose vein massage, the vein will be more obviously thickened. This is a good sign. It is the effect of promoting blood circulation . Should continue to massage, do not interrupt.
  • Some patients will be swollen after massage, especially in patients with lymphatic drainage disorder. Don’t be afraid, continue to massage until the fluid is smooth. The swelling will naturally subside.
  •  Its 82 pieces massage points arranged scientifically. Magic tape shoes which can adjust the degree of tightness freely.


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