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Door Hanging Trash Can

AED 30.00

  • It is very essential product.
  • It comes in widely of uses.
  • It is in innovative design.


Easy to install, simply attach the compact folding trash can to any cabinet drawer or door. When cooking fresh food, slices and tweezers, you don’t need to open and close the cabinet door with the trash can under the sink.

There is a mounting bracket at the bottom of the trash can, and you can place it on the ground if you wish. Widely used in kitchens, university dorms, living rooms, bedrooms, cars, offices, etc.

The kitchen collapsible bin does not take up valuable space in the kitchen. When you don’t use it, you can fold it and open it when you use it.

Garbage can be hung in kitchen doors, cabinet doors, doors, doors, drawers, cars and other places. The thickness of the door should be less than about 0.86 inches (2.2cm).

 Brand  Grandkli
 Capacity  9ltr
 Material  Plastic


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