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Chocolate Machine

AED 280.00


  • No longer limited to heating and heat preservation chocolate, but also suitable for heating beauty wax, handmade soap, beef products, coffee and so on.
  •  Using heating plate provides rapid and uniform melting with fast heat conduction. Use food grade, aluminum ceramic Non-stick pan, no water heating and no steam avoid chocolate deterioration
  •  Power-saving construction makes this machine extremely cost-effective and environmentally friendly. no need to worry about temperature. precise computer control, automatically adjust the chocolate to the best temperature
  •  Simply and freely temperature control. Freely adjust the heating temperature of chocolate: 30-85°C temperature control. Simple Operation- no need to care, is fully automatic./ Novel style, craft fine, small size, easy to use, cost-effective, especially for DIY handmade chocolate shop, chocolate fountain machine ideal choice.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 35.56 × 35.6 × 16.51 cm


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