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Charcoal Whitening Peel Off Black MASK

AED 60.00


  • Unlike most charcoal face products that remove hair follicles, our black mask for men and women deals with impurities effectively as a strong and proactive black head remover. 
  • VITAMIN C is  added in the right proportion to make deep pore cleansing mask work miracles on your skin preventing ageing by collagen synthesis and removing black head on face
  •  made with organic ingredient such as hydrolyzed wheat protein, extracts of rice, apple, aloe barbadensis, that don’t cause allergies. This blackhead mask is rich in vitamins C, E, B3, B5 and is a real skin-pampering peel off miracle and friendly to most skin
  • -80 gram charcoal mask for men and women is good for all skin types. No painful sensations while you use this peel off face product

Additional information

Weight 2.25 kg
Dimensions 35.56 × 35.6 × 16.51 cm


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