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Changhong L32h7 LED Smart Televison 32 inches

AED 750.00


Multi-audio TV: Professional EQ tuning, Various sound effects can be selected.
Enjoy a cinema-like visual experience.
Three core CPU Mail 470 GPU: Incredible feelings experienced by playing games on the big screen.
High performance can easily decode mainstream Google pay games. Color processing is more delicate and more realistic.
Full screen display: Almost no screen bezel and strong sense of immediacy in watching matches.
Adopting “visual bezel-less” design, minimising distractions by the traditional black border when watching matches.
HDR10: Dedicated to the relentless pursuit of image quality, equipped with HDR video image decoding.
The character image and match views comes to your eyes vividly. Android 9.0: Android TV 9.0 is the latest version of Android TV.
This is a whole Entertainment Centre.


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