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Bath n Body Works Twilight Wood Mini Perfume Spray

AED 60.00

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  • Spray on for lasting scent and glimmer
  • A fragrant body splash great after a shower or as a refresher
  • Provide long-lasting freshness all day
  • Well, this one is quite obvious. Mini perfume has been trend in this year, used primarily for fragrance. It helps keep unwanted body odor at bay and ensures that you smell good throughout the day.
  • \One of the main benefits of wearing this perfume is enhancing the mood. Helps lift your spirits. Wear this perfume that and it reflects your mood, to project it better.
  • Just like a pretty dress, this perfume can boost your confidence and ensure that you get through the day without feeling conscious. A dash of this mini perfume can work wonders to your personality.
  • Sense of smell is one of the most important of the five senses. Sometimes, you can simply get attracted to someone because of the way they smell.
  • So this is great idea take this perfume and sprits all over. This is rich in pheromones and make you attractive.


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