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Baby Crib Rocking Chair with remote

AED 680.00


  •  The cloth cover of the rocking chair is soft and skin-friendly for babies, its made of Aviation aluminum alloy + oxford cloth + crystal soft velvet, has good air permeability to give your baby good comfort.
  •  It brings comfort and provides full support to your baby’s back, neck and head, Protect the spine
  • The safety belt will help keep your child secure while they enjoy rocking, use thick steel pipe to ensure the baby’s safety,180 degrees lie flat to prevent the baby’s spine from deforming.
  •  Play, rest, sleep, transport, The perfect addition to life with a baby, baby can sleep or self-entertain while mother shower, prepare a meal, or complete other household tasks
  • Bluetooth music function, appease to sleep, can play the prenatal music downloaded from the mobile phone at any time, swing five swings, liberate the mother’s hands.


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