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Bike Cycling Motorcycle Mask

AED 70.00

  • Designed with a non-woven cloth filter to screen out air pollutant like dusts and vehicle fumes.
  • Replaceable and washable filter, and is designed to be effective for at least 3 months in normal daily use.
  • Designed with two one-way valves to allow easier exhalation of heat, water vapour and Carbon Dioxide, suitable for glass wearers.


Features:- durable with camera mount, easy attached to gopro cameras.- double air-Flow channel – inhaling and exhaling separate channels for anti-Fogging.- broadside dual sealing design is from imitating human face, made of liquid silicone without skin irritation.- 180 degree wide viewing with anti-Impact safety window for good vision.- with a breathing tube with dry top technology, you can breathe freely underwater.- drain value in the mask, to drain away the water by raising up your head when water leaking.- four adjustable elastic fabric headband, easy to wear and suitable for all kinds of head shape.- ideal for diving, swimming, snorkeling and other underwater activities. Weight: 554Gsize: s/M(113Mmx 260Mm)Package contents:1 diving mask,1 breathing tube,1 user manual,



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